I’m actual really disturbed by Ezra being A. This show is no longer fun fodder but it’s the dark twisted tale of a sociopathic child molester and it makes me mad!

It kind of makes sense that Ezra CAN be A because he comes form a family of millionaires so he has the money. And a man who would do this MUST be a lunatic


But they never explain what the NET club is….

I also CANNOT handle how everything in RaveSwood is sepia toned! Is that whole show going to be like that?!

I love how this show all along was about a child molester obsessed with a gaggle of girls.

The episode doesn’t explain a whole lot because they still want us to watch the show, so there are still some plot holes.

But the moral of the story kiddies is, DONT TRUST A 25 YEAR OLD MAN WHO FALLS IN LOVE WITH A 16 YEAR OLD. I hope that’s your take away!

One thought on “EZRA IS A

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